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Keeyu predicts e-commerce order fulfilment issues and prevents 90% of customer complaints before they happen.

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The Problem

20% of all online shoppers complain because they did not get their order on time, which leads to e-commerce teams wasting 3 hours every day sifting through multiple systems to spot and fix order fulfilment issues. Even after that, 89% of customers churn from only one bad experience.

The Solution

Keeyu proactively prevents complaints by connecting all systems to a single view.

Platform monitors points of failure
Smart alerts predict possible issues
Teams proactively prevent complaints
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The Benefits

Solves e-commerce order fulfilment issues in real-time. Online shoppers get what they want on time, as promised. Increase repeat purchases and save costs.

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Reduction in complaints
Increase in repurchases
Reduction in work load

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See how Keeyu can help you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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How it works

Keeyu goes beyond typical solutions, seamlessly overseeing the entire end-to-end fulfilment journey—from order placement to delivery and returns, with smart alerts that flag, and make it more efficient to fix issues in real-time.


Choose your tech stack


Connect API keys


Provide customer service levels


Instant access to information


See data in the dashboard


Keeyu's price depends on how many orders you
handle, starting with an affordable monthly fee of $199 to $999.



Per Month
Under 1,000 orders p.m



Per Month
Under 5,000 orders p.m



Per Month
Under 10,000 orders p.m

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Imagine a world where every single online order arrives on time, without fail.

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